Taxi Pack

Taxi Driver Business Pack

The Cabbiexpress Taxi Pack answers the requirements of the Australian taxi industry: fast service, long battery life, convenience and flexibility. Consists of a Suncorp VX680 EFTPOS terminal and comes installed with Cabbiexpress Taxicab application software (Australian version).



Accepts all major credit, charge and debit cards.

Cabbiexpress Fare Share Driver Commission Plan pays a portion of the transaction service fee back to the Driver on every card based transaction.

Drivers can earn up to 7% commission.

Cabbiexpress exclusive reporting software allows drivers and operators real time access via secure internet to monitor their transactions and payment settlements. As well as produce a variety of customized reports.

Drivers can get immediate cash settlement by presenting copies of their printed receipts at participating service stations, taxi bases or eCASH agents.

Taxi operators get next day settlement thus assisting in cash management.

Summary of the operation of Suncorp VX480 from Cabbiexpress:

The machine is on ‘Standby’ next to the Driver. When the driver is ready to collect payment, they will swipe the card at the terminal, select their ID and move towards the payment screen.

Like traditional EFTPOS machines, this machine will ask for a ‘PIN’ or ‘Sign’ option for authorization which is sent to the bank.

Once authorized, the machine will print one receipt for the driver which the passenger will need to sign and one receipt for the customer.

With Cabbiexpress software, records of the transactions are delivered electronically and will Driver will need to cross reference the receipts with electronic data before being paid.

The terminals will allow for separate Drivers to log in on one terminal. Any transactions made under a user ID will be recorded down electronically.