Limo/Hire Car Pack

Turns your MID (Mobile Internet Device) into a secure mobile POS system.

Cabbiexpress Limo Business Pack consists of a suite of software applications that securely process financial payments in real time using a Windows MID together with our specialized MT100 micro printer that acts as receipt printer and doubles as a magnetic swipe and smart card reader.
Working in conjunction with telecommunication suppliers, Cabbiexpress Limo Business Pack includes:

  •     Off the shelf Windows MID, voice and data plan from leading telecommunication suppliers
  •     A Cabbiexpress MT100 mobile printer with integrated smart and swipe card readers
  •     The latest Cabbiexpress electronic Wireless Automated Payment (eWAP) application software fully installed.


  •     Securely processes all major credit and debit cards
  •     Works with most Windows MID’s
  •     Application software designed exclusively for the Limo/Taxi industry
  •     GST Compliant
  •     Soft and hard copy records all non cash transactions

How it Works:

Many Drivers use a MID while on the job; our payment application software is as easy to use as any Windows Phone:

Step 1

Drivers log into the Cabbiexpress application and through a series of point and click menus items automatically create a Tax Invoice with a statement of charges relevant to that trip. The Driver then selects the payment method e.g. credit, debit or account .
Step 2

For all card payments the driver simply swipes the card in the MT100 Printer which is securely locked to the Drivers Phone via Bluetooth. If the payment is cash a Tax Invoice may be printed for the customer’s records.
Step 3

For all card based transactions, the Driver gets the passengers signature for authorization which is captured on the drivers MID.

The transaction details are encrypted and securely sent through the Drivers’ MID mobile network to the Cabbiexpress Gateway server for further decryption and re-encryption before being sent off to the relevant bank for authorization.
It takes a just a few seconds for bank authorization to occur whereby a receipt can be printed on the spot by the MT100 and either emailed or sent via SMS to the customer’s phone.
Secure Electronic Payments are just one of the value added service applications available to Cabbiexpress Drivers using the Limo Business Pack.

 eACC – electronic Account Processing

The eACC payment facility enables driver’s using the Cabbiexpress System to maintain and manage information about their regular customers. This value added service streamlines and automates the payment process while maintaining data integrity and security.