Frequently Asked Questions


1.1 What is Cabbiexpress?

We are a company who loves yellow for some reason but overall, we process taxi driver dockets… in a unique way.

A taxi driver usually processes credit cards with the aid of dockets (and a trusty pen assuming it works) for customers. This method has been used for years and is about to be revolutionised.

Cabbiexpress uses a MID, a Bluetooth Printer and a very cool system to process dockets on the fly. The printer is a printer and a credit card swipe in one. Coupled with a MID and mobile internet, drivers are able to input customer details on the MID. Customers can sign on the MID, a receipt is printed out and the money is processed LIVE and on the spot.

If that doesn’t impress you, you can carry this system around in your pocket. Think of it as a mobile credit card payment system.

Cool huh?

1.2 Will any MID (Mobile Internet Device) do?

No. It is essential for a MID to have access to the internet. A MID is required. Cabbiexpress has worked on and recommends certain MID’s found on the page.

1.3 Can I access my details from the MID?

Yes! Use Internet Explorer from your MID to access the members section. Be sure that you bookmark this site on your MID for quick access.

1.4 Do I need to be a taxi driver to use the service?

Certainly not. Cabbiexpress can be functional and be an effective tools for Limousines, truck drivers and the like. Contact us for more details. Our sister company, Mobbiexpress specialises in other Mobile Internet Payment Services for traders.

1.5 I have a question that has not been answered.

Please email all FAQ’s to Please note if you require immediate assistance, please contact us by phone or email in the Contacts page. This FAQ section is still under construction and we expect to have frequent updates to this section.

1.6 How can I access immediate help?

Should you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can call us during business hours on 1300 222 397.

1.7 What is the Advanced Bookings Payment?

The advanced bookings payment will allow the customer to pay online via Credit Card for an advanced booking for the hiring of a vehicle.

1.8 How much do I have to pay for Advanced Payment?

The amount you are required to pay is the Driver’s quoted amount.

1.9 How do I fill the Advanced Payment form?

There may be some things you may be confused with on the payment page.

Job Number – This is the Job number you will find on your quote.

Amount – This section is the business quoted amount for the hiring of a vehicle.


2.1 When do I get my money?

Normal cut off is Friday, 23:59:59 pm. Money transfers over the weekends and normally appears in your nominated bank account Monday morning.

2.2 Do I need a car kit?

A car kit is not necessary. For the convenience of the driver and ease of use especially when driving, a car kit is highly recommended.

2.3 Can I use my current SIM card?

Yes! Your SIM card however must have a data plan activated. Please check with your local telecommunication provider on charges and special phone plans.

2.4 I have several technical problems with the MID.

We figured you might stumble across some glitches in the program. As always, consult the manuals in the Downloads section. If that does not help you, feel free to email us at or give us a call during business hours on (02) 9676-2328.

2.3 Do I get my own MID from you?

MID’s must be purchased from local retailers as we do not directly resell MID’s. Please contact us for advice for a list of recommended MID’s. Please note that the user is responsible for the function of the smartphone models and we cannot guarantee that all MID’s will be fault free.