Cabbiexpress eWAP


For taxies and limousines

Cabbiexpress is especially designed for the convenience of taxi and limousine drivers. It features cash receipts, credit card authorization, account processing, balance withdraw, transaction reprints, live statement, refund, voice and shift report.

Changes in V2.13

  1. Larger Tips Section
  2. SnF Receipt Enhancement
  3. Reply email field added in message box
  4. Memo account processing fixed
  5. AMEX Pre-Auth added, contact Cabbiexpress for further information


Download MID (Mobile Internet Device) CAB File

CAB files allow you to copy and install the program from the MID. Just copy the file to the MID from the computer or download directly from the MID and install from the file on the MID.

Download Desktop ZIP File

ZIP files allow you to download and install the program to your MID via USB connection with your computer.

Cabbiexpress has tested compatibility with:-
Dopod 838Pro
HP iPAQ 5550
HTC Touch, Touch Dual, Touch Cruise, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro
i-Mate EVDO, JAMin, JasJam, JASJAR, K-JAM, PPC, Flame
Motorola Motosurf A3100
O2 Mini, XDA, XDA ATOM, XDA 2i, XDA 2s
Palm Treo 750

Notice of Non-Liability
Cabbiexpress and the authors assume no liability for errors or omissions, or for damages, resulting through improper use of this software. Cabbiexpress is not affiliated with the third parties mentioned, nor does it endorse or guarantee the products and services they offer.